Why InSite

Why choose InSite for DAS/Small Cells Projects?

Let InSite deal with the carriers while you focus on operating your venue

  • We specialize in complex projects with coverage and capacity challenges that require creative solutions – large venues in major cities with difficult RF environments.

  • We have the ability to finance the upfront project costs – and a proven business model that results in successful projects that are profitable for all parties involved.

  • We are a true neutral host DAS provider – and know how to find innovative ways to resolve challenging relationships between venue owners, property managers, tenants, and wireless carriers.

  • We select our projects carefully – and are committed to building and maintaining high quality, first class DAS installations that work well.

  • We simplify the contract process – with flexible terms, aggressive pricing, and streamlined approvals.

  • We are more nimble than our larger competitors – with the ability to make decisions quickly and provide personalized attention to facility owners’ needs.

  • We are vendor agnostic – representing your interests by choosing the right technology partners and most suitable equipment for your venue and the project budget.

Deploying and operating shared neutral host DAS and Small Cells installations has been InSite’s core business since 2000. We know firsthand the complexities of designing, deploying and operating wireless infrastructure in a vast range of public and private environments – and are doing it profitably at our venues for all parties involved.

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