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Our tower collocation process is designed with speed-to-market in mind

InSite’s tower sites are in strategic locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Australia, and Canada. All of our towers are designed to handle multiple customers. We understand the carriers’ speed-to-market needs, and our goal is to get you on the air as quickly as possible.

Our collocation process is fast and simple, assuring wireless service providers meet their on-air dates. Here’s how it works.
InSite’s Collocation Process

Collocation application review and processing

License agreement drafting, production, and signature

Notice to Proceed (NTP) issuance and installation

Site completed!
With our proven Application-to-Lease process and timely NTP turnaround,
we will help you meet your on-air timeframe.

InSite's Operations and Leasing Team Experienced, professional, and customer focused
InSite’s operations and leasing team is dedicated to ensuring all of our customers meet their targeted service launch dates. Our goal is to perform faster than our larger competitors and make each customer interaction with us a positive one.

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