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In 2012 the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, in response to citizen concerns about reliable broadband and wireless services, requested that the Loudoun County Communications Commission complete an analysis that identified under served and unserved areas of Western Loudoun County (“Gap Analysis”).  Aldie and the surrounding area was identified as one of the locations that lacked service and was given the designator of Proposed Communications Tower Development Area 4 (“PCTDA 4”).  Though Verizon FiOS has subsequently extended its service to service the homes and businesses directly in the rural village of Aldie, this FiOS expansion does not serve the homes and businesses outside of the village and does not address the significant need for improved wireless coverage in this area.


Invisible Towers has identified a location that will address the technical requirements for Aldie and PCTDA 4 while balancing the visual impact on the village and the many surrounding historical and cultural assets.  The proposed location is on a 10.6 acre parcel surrounded by a mature tree canopy that averages 80 to 90 feet in height.  Invisible Towers proposes to install a 148’ tall structure that is disguised as a pine tree.   This broadband infrastructure will accommodate four (4) wireless carriers /broadband service providers.

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