Case Study: Cascades (Hose Tower)

Supported Loudoun County public safety, schools, radio networks, wireless carriers, and other wireless data applications.


  • We had to install a tower in a dense suburban planned community. Strict zoning regulations limited how and where we could place a tower.
  • Public Safety Radio Network did not cover the entire community, which created a significant safety issue for first responders.
  • There had been three other attempts to zone a 180-foot tower at the safety center, but none had ensured wireless coverage for the entire community.
  • The community’s limited wireless coverage left significant portions of the area with poor or no wireless coverage.

Our Solutions

  • We employed a two-pronged strategy to create the needed coverage:
    1. Reduced the height to 100’ and build a second location
      1. This created the needed coverage and 2nd site allowed for great capacity to meet the demands created by the planning density
    2. Concealed the site as hose tower and built out integrated building expansion and hose tower at the safety center
  • For this project, we regularly communicated with the Home Owners Association during the approval process. They supported us every step of the way.
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