Case Study: Lowes Island (Clock Tower)

Provided final solutions to complete local coverage plan while preserving the local visual aesthetics of commercial development.


  • Invisible Towers, a subsidiary of InSite Wireless Group, had to complete the coverage plan for Cascades Community. We also secured a second location at Great Falls Plaza (community shopping center).

Our Solutions

  • We collaborated with the shopping center owner to create a joint project integrating a clock tower into the expansion of the existing retail space.
    • The lower level is a retail space, and the rooftop and clock tower house the carriers’ installations. We specially designed the roof system to hide all equipment.
  • The two sites created the coverage and data speeds required to meet the community’s cellular and wireless needs.
  • For this project, we regularly communicated with the Home Owners Association during the approval process. They provided enthusiastic support every step of the way.
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