InSite’s DAS/Small Cells project teams can help bring coverage to your venue, no matter how complex

At InSite our primary business is financing, developing and operating customized neutral host wireless infrastructure solutions inside large public and private facilities, usually at no cost to the venue owner. Our services are specifically targeted to clients who seek seamless wireless coverage in the most challenging of physical environments where either the quality of wireless signals is impaired by building structures or the signal capacity is insufficient to meet fluctuating occupancies.

For each project, InSite’s DAS project services cover the following areas.


Flexibility to fund the initial capital expense for large-scale projects.

DAS/WiFi Design

Established partnerships with leading DAS and WiFi technology vendors to produce flexible, scalable, and high-quality system designs.

DAS/WiFi Installation

Experienced, proven project management resources and technical knowledge to install well-built and effective systems.

Marketing/Lease Negotiations

Streamlined carrier leasing process based on a clear understanding of the wireless carriers’ decision-making processes and budgeting cycles.

Operations and Maintenance

Qualified, on-call field support services and ongoing maintenance programs to maintain fully operational systems.


Efficient, organized and dependable day-to-day support for smooth-running projects.