Beacon Hill – What Will It Look Like?

What Will It Look Like?

Invisible Towers originally proposed the installation of a barn and silo in the Clairvaux pasture behind the main Beacon Hill community entrance. The Beacon Hill HOA requested that we relocate the proposed site to a different location to reduce the visual impact on the community. The revised location and design were selected to minimize the visual impact and ensure the site meets the technical requirements for improving services in the area.

We are proposing a 100 foot tall Corten™ structure that will include matching panels that will conceal all antennas and related equipment installed on the structure. Corten™ steel, utilized by the National Park Service for steel utilized in National Park structures, develops a natural rust patina on the surface. The natural color blends in with the landscape and minimizes the visual impacts of the proposed structure. We flew a balloon at a height of 100 feet in the proposed location adjacent to Route 7. The photo simulations below show what the Corten™ structure will look like once it is installed.

*Update 7/29/2019

We received feedback at the first open house about alternative designs and locations. The Beacon Hill HOA presented three alternative locations within the community as possible alternatives locations for the proposed project. After careful consideration by both the HOA and Invisible Towers, the HOA determined that the alternative locations were not viable for the community and declined to pursue these options any further. We have prepared photo simulations of two alternative designs. The first is a treepole, which was suggested by many attendees at the first open house. The second design is a bell tower. The designs will be available for review at our second community open house, which has been scheduled for Thursday, August 15th from 6:30P.M. to 8 P.M.

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