Beacon Hill – Why It’s Needed

Why It’s Needed

The area of Route 7, Beacon Hill, Shenstone Farm and the surrounding area experience poor cellular service with significant gaps in wireless coverage. Additionally, the Old Waterford Road suffers from a lack of broadband services. This site, in unison with the proposed Morven Park location, is intended to materially improve the current availability of reliable cellular and broadband services.

The proposed site will improve coverage for these key corridors as well as in-building coverage and capacity in and around Beacon Hill, Shenstone Farm and Old Waterford Road.
The below images show the predicted improved coverage in the area. Each image represents a different frequency band (600 and 2300 MHz):


600 MHz coverage area
600 MHz coverage area
2300 MHz coverage area
2300 MHz coverage area

911 Emergency Response Facts

  • Cell Phones are the source of 80% of E911 Calls
  • Every first responder in Loudoun uses an AT&T/FirstNet in-vehicle data terminal as well as their cell phone
  • In house coverage is even worse than shown
  • This will continue to get worse as carriers decommission their 3G networks
    • VZW end of 2020
    • AT&T in 2022


Third-Party drive testing of emergency call failures

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