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In 2012 the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, in response to citizen concerns about reliable broadband and wireless services, requested that the Loudoun County Communications Commission complete an analysis that identified under served and unserved areas of Western Loudoun County (“Gap Analysis”).  Morven Park and the Tutt Lane area was not initially identified in the analysis but based on citizen input and continued broadband and wireless issues in this area it was subsequently identified as one of the locations that lacked service and was given the designator of Proposed Communications Tower Development Area 18 (“PCTDA 18”).  Morven Park and Tutt Lane have no access to broadband services.  Moven Park has teamed up with Invisible Towers to co-develop a broadband solution for this community.  Morven Park and its telecom service partner BroadAspect ( will utilize the top of the tower to provide wireless broadband access for internal park operations and to the homeowners and businesses on Tutt Lane.   Additionally, the current wireless cell sites located in the center of Leesburg are extremely overloaded.   The added rush hour traffic leaves citizens in the north end of Leesburg under served with data capacity and speed.  This site will provide much needed off-load capacity for the existing carrier infrastructure.


Invisible Towers and Morven Park have selected a location that can address the technical requirements for the park, Tutt Lane and the rest of PCTDA 18 while balancing the visual impact on the Route 15 Scenic By-Way. The proposed location is on the 932 acre park parcel.  Invisible Towers proposes to install a 135-foot tall Corten Steel™ structure that will turn rust brown and blend into the landscape.  Each carrier installation platform will be shrouded with concealment panels that match this color and hide the carrier’s equipment from view.   This broadband infrastructure will accommodate four (4) wireless carriers and broadband service providers.

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