Tony Sabatino

Tony Sabatino was appointed President and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of InSite in July 2019, prior to that he served on the Company’s Board for 12 years, most recently as Chairman.  In his current role at InSite, Tony oversees DAS Engineering, Carrier Relations, the Office of the CTO, and Tower Development.

Tony brings over 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications arena.  He has held leadership roles with Sabre Industries as the President of Business Development and CTO, Alamosa PCS (Sprint’s largest Affiliate) as CTO, Sprint as Senior Director of RF Engineering, and Fluor Daniel as Director Special Engineering and Analysis.  Tony has served as an Advisor for the National Institute of Science and Technology LA Innovations Summit Public Safety Network (First Net) and holds several patents in the telecommunications sector. Tony holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from LaSalle University and BS/Electric Engineering from Kansas University.